Z Line

Represents a new way of furnishing spaces through high quality structural solutions and a careful selection of natural materials. Shapes and lines fascinate the client, bringing innovation and high-level beauty to your decor.

Design bench with gabions
round gabions for drop table


  • Each product is designed to meet the specific needs of the client thanks to a careful analysis of the context, form and functionality wanted.
  • The needs of the client are analyzed in order to give the wanted design and technical quality and find the best solution.
  • Shapes, sizes and matchings (e.g you can add light, water, etc. to your product) are studied by the company in collaboration with architects, artists and professinal designers.


  • The production process is entirely followed by the company through a careful quality control. The use of systems of robotic welding ensures the the mechanical strength of each single component and the perfection of the entire structure.
  • This unique method produces structures with no sharp edges and ensures safety and high quality.
  • If you want, on products for interior design we can apply a process of electropolishing, in order to obtain a perfect mirror surface on your structure made of stainless steel.



  • Main structure: only wire or stainless steel sheets made in Europe are used to produce the main structure (it can be AISI 304 or AISI 316 for particularly aggressive environments).
  • Finishing elements: every structure can be decorated with finishing elements in wood, glass, stone. Lighting or structures for water can be added to the product.
  • Filling materials: depending on the needs, structures can ben empty, partially filled or completely filled with stones (of our production or local), or other materials (wood, glass, etc.)


  • Z Line products are modular, each module is numbered and therefore they are easy to assemble and transport.
  • The assembly is done only by using male and female joints and screws.

Eco-friendly products

  • All Z Line structures are easily disassembled and can be reused in other contexts or they can be modified with the addition of other elements.
  • The components of each structure are fully recyclable and they are mechanically assembled without the use of glues. They are therefore easily separated.