Z Line

Represents a new way of furnishing spaces through high quality structural solutions and a careful selection of natural materials. Shapes and lines fascinate the client, bringing innovation and high-level beauty to your decor.
There are many ways to use Z LINE products to innovate your living. Z LINE structures can be divided into three groups:
  • ' BASIC ' simple, modular, long-lasting structures.
  • ' CUSTOM ' personalized and customised structures, just as you want.
  • ' AUTHOR ' luxury structures, designed by famous artists.


  • Each product is designed to meet the specific needs of the client thanks to a careful analysis of the context, form and functionality wanted.
  • The needs of the client are analyzed in order to give the wanted design and technical quality and find the best solution.
  • Shapes, sizes and matchings (e.g you can add light, water, etc. to your product) are studied by the company in collaboration with architects, artists and professinal designers.
Innovative structures for interior and exterior design made of stainless steel by a robotic welding system. Pebbles are mechanically selected and the result is a high quality production.

Z Line is characterized by flexible forms, mechanical and aesthetic features which are suitable for street furniture, coatings, fences, walls, garden furniture, green vertical, furniture, noise protection walls, interior design, shopping windows.





Standard structures for practical solutions



Customized structures to customer ideas



Structures made with creative authors


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